Getting Started!
Things you will need

1. A TrackYa Global Smart Tracker
2. An iPhone or Android
3. Download the Kool Krew App from the Apple Store or Google Pay

Charging your tracker

Start by plugging your tracker in and giving it a full charge. This will get set for travel and
the tracker will receive any updates needed to operate at it’s optimum.Simply use the enclosed USB cable to charge.

Once plugged in,you will see a red light on the tracker indicating charging is taking place.
After a while,the tracker may flash white as we update it with the latest software.

when fully charged the tracker light will turn green.You’re now ready to register your tracker.

Activate your TrackYa Service Plan

The TrackYa comes with a free 1 year service plan for the first year. No need to activate your service plan for the first 12 months.
After the first year,TrackYa subscription is £60 per annul payable in advance.
In order to locate your items anywhere in the world, your TrackYa requires a subscription that allows for global connectivity and offers a yearly flat rate no matter how much or in which country you use your TrackYa.

Download the koolkrew app and sign up

Download the Kool Krew App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, install and launch. Tap the Sign up Now! button to register and follow the app instructions.

Adding a TrackYa

After creating your account, click on the TrackYa icon on your screen then click the ‘+’ sign at the top right to add your TrackYa and follow the instructions. The app will ask you to add the serial number of the TrackYa. You can find the serial number on the back of your TrackYa device.

Personalise your TrackYa

Give your TrackYa a name that it is easy to remember. You can also take a picture of the item that your TrackYa is dedicated to. This will make it easier to identify it on the map, especially when you have more than one TrackYa device.
You are now good to go!

Other cool ways to register your TrackYa!

After you have registered your TrackYa on the Kool Krew App you can also track your bags using Facebook Messenger and Telegram. Communicating with us and your TrackYa is via one of the following Chat Apps: Facebook Messenger – Follow this link to get started: search for: Kool Krew and type in ‘hello’.

A few tips: Adding a flight -We can currently accept any flight that is scheduled in the next three days. Once a flight is in range, simply ask to add it through your chosen Chat App, we’ll guide you through the rest.

Chat options for Messenger and Telegram

Everybody has their own favourite Chat App that they use. For Kool Brew we currently have Implemented Facebook Messenger and Telegram. Both these apps work in the same way but there are some small differences. Well show you the most used interactions for Facebook Messenger (left) and Telegram (right) below.


Facebook Messenger

To access the menu options for your tracker in Facebook Messenger slide up the Send a message field.
You can now quickly select one of the menu items.

‘Bag information’,will show you where your bag is.

flight information’ will allow you to check your flight data or provide new data for your upcoming trip.

‘Tracker and more’ shows you a couple of extra options such as adding a new tracker and viewing the settings of your current tracker.


The menu will mostly appear automatically in the chat and you can simply select one of the menu items. Should the menu not be visible, type Menu.

Provide flight data

TheTrackYa is connected to baggage management systems and real-time flight monitoring. By providing your flight data we can prevent your suitcase from missing its flight At the same time, you’ll be saving battery power since we know which flight to look for. Once you’ve arrived at your destination the flight data Is automatically removed.

Request bag information

You can request the location of your tracker (and suitcase) by typing or selecting ‘Bag information’from the menu. You will receive specific data about the last known location as well as the percentage of battery power left.

Bag arrival & connecting flight

As soon as we detect that your suitcase has arrived at its destination airport we’ll notify you by sending you a message. We also ask for a connecting flight, which you can provide now.
The flight details of your previous flight will automatically be removed.